Our Video Art Services


Video disc jockeys create live video art for events and installations. Slinky & Snudis create live video art from our own artwork, rare archived footage, live video footage, photographs, illustrations, animations, etc.

You can see examples of our work on our Youtube channel or on our Facebook page.


We are experts at taking photographs and recording video at live events. Live event photography takes a unique skill such as the ability to capture details in low light and to tell an engaging story.

Take a look at our photo gallery to see the quality of our work.


We create stories that tell people whats important about your product or service. We can adapt stories for video, web, printed books or stationery, and mobile devices. We are experienced at creating narratives for UX and transmedia.

Let us quote for your next short video for the internet.

Live interactive video art

We can film any event and remix it live back into video art. This effect looks great for bands, especially for big shows when punters up the back can’t see all the action on stage but they can see the screens. We can also create video art installations that show distorted video mirrors of people looking into the camera and interacting.

Video production

We produce commercials, music videos and documentaries.
As film makers, we can video any event and produce it for online, television, DVD, projections for events, or for digital preservation.

We can animate characters, text and logos and create special effects.

See more of our corporate work at Sticky Design Studio and Design-Kink.

Digital preservation

We create digital copies of your precious memories. If your family memories are stored on fading media such as VHS, slides, film, even LP records, we can transfer that to DVD or your computer. Please contact Craig on 0409818316 or email him to get a quote for your project.